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O'Neill Marine produces standard aluminum gangways with widths of 3', 4' and 5' in lengths of 10' to 50'.  We can also supply custom gangways up to 90'.  The gangways combine both great strength and a low competitive price.  The low profile of the walkway at the dock end allows a shorter transition plate which is important, especially if used in an ADA (American Disabilities Act) application.  Our Gangways are crafted from 6061 aluminum and are fabricated as three main pieces - two handrails and one main walkway.  These three pieces can be knocked down for shipping as one compact unit.

In applications where ADA standards must be met, transition plate slope can be no steeper than 1:12 at all times.  The low 3" profile of our gangways at the dock end means that only a 36" transition plate is required.  This means less of the expensive dock space is taken up by the end of the gangway and greater safety is provided by having less tripping exposure compared to the longer length of the traditional transition plate.  The ADA gangway features include: handrails at specified heights, minimum 36" inside clearance between the handholds, and toe plate at the bottom of the handrail.  Other higher profile gangways could cost more in materials alone, aside from the difficulty of needing a more lengthy transition plate to meet with the standards.  Not all gangways are required to meet ADA standards, but it is important to have a comfortable transition to and from your gangway.  The ADA now limits gangways to a maximum distance of 80'.

Other features of an O'Neill Marine gangway:

  • Standard Aluminum non-skid walking surface
  • Alternative decking materials are available if desired, (Ipe Hardwood, Composites, etc.)
  • UHMW rollers with Stainless Steel spindles at dock end, positioned at the outside edges and in front of the gangway for greater stability
  • ¼" Aluminum Diamond Plate transition plate with non-skid tape to prevent slips & falls

Shore attachments are also available in several configurations from a traditional piano hinge connection to a Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Double Shear with transition plate. 


Structural Specifications

Our engineering standards use a deflection  of greater than or equal to L/360.  The gangways are rated for a live load of greater than or equal to 50lbs/ft².  All pieces are 6061 aluminum and all bolts are 318 stainless steel.  Stamped engineered drawings are available upon request for an additional fee.


In addition to use in Marine applications, aluminum gangways have many uses in other building projects ranging from elevation changes in building projects, to parks and outdoor gardens.  Our ability to provide custom built gangways to meet your needs is one of our greatest strengths.  Call or write with your project requirements and let us help to design your project to fit your needs.

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